Beautiful Minnesota Afternoon

So last week, C & E didn’t have school due to MEA, so we had the opportunity to do some fall activities. Of course we decided to do them all in one day, it was quite the adventure. We made the trip to the Minnesota Harvest out in Jordan, and it was the perfect day to do it! We may have accidentally picked apples from trees we weren’t suppose to (oops!) but we still had a blast! The girls wanted to bake something with the apples that we got, so I decided to “try” to make an apple crisp! Surprisingly enough I did it, and it didn’t make anybody sick!!! It actually turned out REALLY good, might be making that for Thanksgiving this year!

We decided to finish off our day with a little pumpkin patch and carving. This year we got the pumpkins early enough, so they were actually the good ones! I, of course, ended up carving 2 1/2 pumpkins they turned out pretty good! I always forget how long it takes to carve pumpkins, I’m sure I’ll forget that next year when the time comes!

Here are some of the pictures from our fall afternoon… Enjoy!

I made the girls pose under this beautiful tree in their neighbors yard. They thought the people living there were going to come out and yell at us for taking a picture. C was not having it, she ran back to the car once I got a picture. I can’t help it, it’s a beautiful tree!

This picture is totally them… sisterly love.. 🙂


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