Heat Wave!

So last week I was in my apartment bundled up with layers upon layers and the heat turned up super high because it was -30 degrees here in Minnesota… but this week it’s like a heat wave outside! It’s a whole 33 degrees outside right now! 33 degrees! Can you believe it? I spent a little time yesterday wandering around Wayzata to scope out some great spots to do sessions, and it was such a beautiful day!


I won’t lie though, I’m so excited for winter to be OVER! O-V-E-R, OVER! The girls and I have run out of fun things to do indoors, especially when it was so cold outside. Emma and I spent a few hours the other day doing puzzles! She’s getting so good at them, she can do the 100 piece puzzles in 15 minutes! She got to be my little model while I tested out my new camera, seriously love it! So glad I upgraded to the D90 🙂


I’ll have more pictures to put up after these next couple of weekends! I get to meet the H family this weekend, who are related to little Finn and his amazing parents! I’m so looking forward to it and can’t wait to share our session with you!

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave! Isn’t there a song called heat wave? If there is, it should definitely be played while reading this post 🙂


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