Newborn Models

So I have to say I’ve been inspired! I follow so many different blogs in the photography world and am so motivated by what they do with their clients. The creativity that comes from a small shot of a newborns smirk or smile, the simplicity of a parent’s hands cradling their child’s face and the beauty that comes from a mother as she looks at her amazing child.

I’d really like to try out some new poses or ideas, so for those of you interested this is what it would entail:

  • Free Session
  • A minimum of 20 prints
  • DVD of final images
  • Never have to leave home, I come to you.
  • Baby(ies) must be less than 14 days old to be able to comfortably “pose” them

Please e-mail me at if you’d like to be a part of this!

Can’t have a post without a picture, seriously how cute is little Will? Those eyes, that smile… he’s going to be a heart breaker! Ladies lock up your daughters šŸ™‚


*The color version of this is on his other posting but I couldn’t help putting up the black and white version of it

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