Does anyone else out there think their computer hates them? Well I’m starting to think all electronics have a thing against me…. you may think I’m kidding. I realized yesterday that since college I have gone through AT LEAST 5 computers! That’s almost a computer every year! That’s absolutely ridiculous! And I don’t even do anything illegal, I swear πŸ™‚

So currently I am borrowing a computer from my amazing dad, because let’s be honest I can’t go 24 hours without a computer. Who can these days? But I think tomorrow we are going to go out and buy a new computer that will last more than 6 months… unlike my last 2 computers! I had one of those moments yesterday where I was tempted to take my computer, stand out on the balcony and throw it into oncoming traffic. Of course I didn’t, but the thought crossed my mind multiple times. We all have those thoughts, especially when dealing with electronics… or is it just me?

Anyhooo….I’m a member of an on-line community called Photography Mentor and it’s where photographers can come together and communicate and learn from each other. We had a video chat with one of my favorite photographers Jasmine Star tonight. The forum got to ask any and all questions, and she answered almost all of them. It was such a great learning experience and one of the main things she said was to blog every day! So that’s my goal… to at least try blogging every day. You may end up reading some silly stories about my afternoon with the girls I nanny, or the movie that I just watched but hopefully most of the postings will be of the beautiful people I get the joy of photographing!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the warm up we are going to experience this weekend! It’s suppose to be in the 30’s and 40’s, holy cow it’s shorts and sandals weather! Don’t worry once it’s 50 degrees outside I will be back in my flip flops and as happy as a clam πŸ™‚ I’m so not a winter person, but I would be sad without the change of seasons. I know it really makes no sense at all… but I am looking forward to winter going away!

Unfortunately there will beΒ  no picture on this post, since my computer crashed and I haven’t moved all my pictures from my external hard drive yet… SORRY. There will be many more after this weekend… πŸ™‚

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