Meet Mr. Michael

Not only was Saturday absolutely gorgeous here in Minnesota but I got to spend some time with Mr. Michael and his fabulous parents! I pulled up to their house and realized they lived right next to the park where I spent so much time back when I was in school, such a small world! Anyways, Michael was not the least bit shy in front of my camera in fact he seemed almost drawn to it! He moved so fast on the bed (crawling across at the speed of light) there were moments I thought he was going to get to me before I could get one picture! But I managed to get so many great ones of him, so here’s a little sneak peek for Mom and Dad! Thanks for having me over S family, it was great meeting you! 


Look at those eyelashes! I wish mine looked like those! 



I absolutely love his expression in this picture… he’s on a mission! 


Look at those eyes, he’s going to have all the ladies after him on the playground!


The beautiful S family, can’t forget to point out Michael’s pouty lips! 


Maybe Michael will grow up to be a pilot someday? 🙂



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