Lots of love!

I can’t even start this post without saying a huge THANK YOU to all you lovely blog readers out there! The past couple of days have been sooooo busy on here, and I’m just in shock! Usually the little blog stat thingy says maybe 20 clicks a day, but the past two days have reached almost 200 EACH DAY! I can not believe it, and honestly don’t think it would be happening without the good looking ladies and gents on my blog so a special thank you to them!!! 

Now on to more pictures!! This past weekend was super busy but my friend Emily and I had been talking about doing pictures of her and her boyfriend Ryan for awhile now. We were just waiting for the weather to get a little bit nicer, well we lucked out on Saturday and it was pretty warm for Minnesota in February. Of course as soon as we get outside it’s windy and a little cooler than expected. We got a few great shots before it was just too cold to handle! I wanted to put a couple of them up for Emily and Ryan since Valentine’s Day (or to the rest of us, Singles Awareness Day) is just around the corner 😀 


Seriously how beautiful is she??? Oh did I mention she’s a photographer in the Twin Cities as well! She’s who I  learn everything from; she’s my mentor and a great friend! Check out her blog, she’s AMAZING!!! Thanks again Em and Ryan for letting me take pictures of you guys! Have a great time in Vegas!


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