One last snow…

At least that’s what I’m hoping… fingers crossed. For those of you who do not reside in the wonderful state of MinneSNOWda, we experienced a serious amount of snow yesterday. On a drive which usually takes me 15 maybe 20 minutes, took me an hour and a half… it was absolutely ridiculous. There were accidents left and right, cars in ditches, peoples slipping and sliding…. it’s days like that which make me wonder why I live here.  

Just to show ya’ll what I’m talking about. This picture was taken on Wednesday afternoon probably around 4:30. Absolutely gorgeous outside, probably 40 degrees… sunny, starting to see signs of spring, right?


And then…. WABAMMMM!! 24 hours later, this is what that exact spot looked like…



So for those of you who are currently residing in warm climates or planning a trip to Mexico (aka my parents), please bring back the warm weather with you… I’m sick of the snow and want it to be nice out!  

On another note, ever have those moments when you are cleaning (yes that’s how I spent my afternoon) and you are just struggling with one particular thing… Well today’s struggle is my too hard to open, impossibly tight, ripping my hands to pieces… Drano bottle.


I’m not joking either… I have spent 20 minutes drying to get that gosh darn bottle open! Nothing has worked, and of course I already threw away the receipt from Target so I can go back and be like… umm so I’m not strong enough to get this bottle open, may I have another? I can only imagine what they would think of me.. 🙂 So if you have any tips on how to get the toughest bottle of Drano open, please pass them along! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, can you  believe March starts on Sunday? Where did the month go? Well I guess that means we are one more day closer to SPRING!!! 🙂 I’m thinking positively, hopefully it works! Bring on the warm weather!!!


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