I’ve come to the conclusion that Pixar makes movies that are the perfect mix of adult humor and kid entertainment. This was clearly proven when I saw Finding Nemo and later reaffirmed when Cars came out! I mean Dory and Mater clearly stole the show in both movies! 🙂 I must say my movie collection contains far more kid movies than your average 24 year old, but I have no shame in admitting it! Anyhooo, the newest Pixar movie Monsters vs. Aliens is coming out March 27th and I’m so excited. I actually giggle every time the previews come on TV. It just seems like one of those movies you can go, see and come out just having spent $10 on a movie that made you happy. They don’t seem to make movies like that anymore!  The other movie I put up here  won’t be released until the summer but they’ve started to show some previews in the theaters. I got so excited when we were sitting in the theater and there is Scratch up on the screen, I’m pretty sure I looked like a little kid who just saw Santa…. so excited!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, it’s Ice Age 3! Yes they made a 3rd one, finally! I can NOT wait! You know you are all secretly excited for it as well, just admit it 🙂  It’s one of those movies you won’t mind taking your kids to! 

Well I just wanted to share them with all you blog readers out there, take a break from your crazy day, enjoy a little giggle… sometimes that’s all it takes to make the day a little better! Enjoy! 😀 


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