Baby Will

On Monday, which happened to be exactly one week after Will was born, Emily and I had the opportunity to go over and take loads of pictures of him. As I sit here editing all his pictures, I can’t get over how perfect and well behaved he was for us. He let us move him all over the place, didn’t fuss or cry at all, and we only had two accidents (you never know with little boys), but Emily was quick with the blanket so it was all covered. 🙂  He slept for almost the entire time we were there and hopefully he continued to sleep so Mom could get a nap after we left!  Hope you all enjoy the little sneak peek at Will’s session, he’s just too cute for words so I’ll stop at that! Thanks again K, D, Will and Mutsy for having us over! 


This is by far one of my favorite images from the day… totally looks like a little man, doesn’t he?




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2 responses to “Baby Will

  1. Finally! 🙂 I am so happy you finally posted! These are great! Love the one with the black and white hat! That was so darn cute!

  2. I agree with Emily! The one with the black & white hat is my favorite. He is so adorable. Yet again, great job 🙂

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