Spring is coming

Mother Nature played a pretty funny  joke on April Fool’s Day this year, she decided we were in need of MORE snow… funny? I don’t think so! I was not happy to wake up to snow, I thought we had put it behind us and moved forward into Spring!  It looks like it’s headed in that direction, at least it felt like it Thursday and Friday. I had the girls I nanny for a couple of days because they were on Spring break and I had Emma model a little so I could try out my new lens. I can’t believe I’ve been watching these girls grow up for the last 3 years, sometimes I forget how old they are getting. Emma is now 7, well closer to 7 and 3/4s but who’s counting? I took the picture below of her and honestly had to ask her how old she was again, because she looks so unbelievably grown up. When did that happen? We spent our afternoon outside, riding her bike and doing a little coloring for Easter next weekend. The kids in the neighborhood decided to do a little modeling for me too… I didn’t even have to ask them to. They posed the last picture all by themselves so I couldn’t help but post it. So here are a few pictures from trying out my new lens, I can’t wait to use it all the time!

*Happy April!*



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