Miss B – 6 Days Old

Baby B joined our world last week and after going to the hospital to meet her, I had the honor of going to her home to do more photographs for her fabulous parents. She was just the perfect little angel for the entire time! It was really hard for me to narrow down pictures to put up on the blog, there were just so many great ones! I absolutely loved her bright pink blanket and she was wide awake for a good portion of our shoot so it was great to see her beautiful eyes! I also loved how she snuggled up with her hand all the time, seriously too cute! Congratulations again to the whole family on your perfect bundle of joy 🙂 


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One response to “Miss B – 6 Days Old

  1. First off… she is SO TINY, and already SO BEAUTIFUl.
    Second off… little house on the prairie much 🙂 adorable bonnet!
    Third off… looks just like JT in my opinion!

    ashley… once again, you’re amazing

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