New Business Cards!

It’s seriously the little things in life that make me so happy, finding $5 in my jeans pocket, getting the front row parking spot at the mall and today’s happiness: my new business cards with my new logo came!!! It’s like Christmas, I’m so happy about them! They are exactly what I wanted, so of course I wanted to take a couple of pictures and show them off! I have little Will featured on my cards for now, and I’m sure the next batch will feature another one of my amazing clients! Okay, back to editing so I can show off another adorable baby boy!



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4 responses to “New Business Cards!

  1. Love the new cards Ashley! I’ll have to get some from you next time I see you to pass them out 🙂


  2. dotdotblog

    cute cards…love the logo! i replied to your comment on my blog yesterday, but don’t know that you got it seeing as though it was on my blog….. anyway, wanted to make sure i got it to you 🙂

    my reply: Thanks, Ashley! I’ve just recently gotten into photography and am hoping to make something out of it. I’ve seen your blog, too. You are such a talented photographer – I hope I can someday shoot like you! 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve found something that you obviously love to do and have such a knack for!

  3. I may be bias but as cute as your cards are I think they’d be cuter with a lil baby boy named Jackson 🙂 I am not sure if you know of any baby by that name or not?

    teehee congrats ashley theyre super cute

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