Sun Flares

If you live in Minnesota you know how the weather can go from 50 degrees to 80 and then back to thunderstorms, it really makes no sense! On Thursday it was absolutely beautiful out, 85 and sunny, a perfect night to play outside and go for a bike ride. Emma and I took advantage of the weather and got outside for a couple of hours. She let me take a few pictures to attempt some different things with my camera, because I really do believe that practice makes perfect. I’m constantly  learning new things about composing shots, using natural light and a new love of sun flares. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Great news: Emma learned how to officially ride her bike all by herself! Last week she rode all the way to the park and back without any help, which is HUGE for her! We tried all last summer but her bike was just too small and she wasn’t able to balance, enter new bike and new water bottle… poof she can ride it like a big girl! 🙂 Needless to say it was a week filled with lots of bike riding up and down the street; she goes so fast I can barely keep up with her!

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