Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day and realize how much you are appreciated! We had a wonderful brunch this morning at BANK located in the Westin Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It’s such an interesting idea for a restaurant. The building used to have a bank located on their lower level and when it closed they revamped the space into a restaurant that kept all the existing decor. They turned the bank vault into a wine cellar and the teller windows into the kitchen area, it really is a cool restaurant and the brunch was delicious. It actually sent me into a little food coma that required a nice little nap to recover from the yummy food! 

Just wanted to tell my mom how much I appreciate every thing she does for our family and me, I love you so much! 

Also here’s a little sneak peek from yesterday’s session with Miss Chloe at the Arboretum. Happy Mother’s Day Shannon! Hope your family spoiled you, and here’s a little look at your BEAUTIFUL daughter! More to come soon! 




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