Riley + Brodie

I first photographed these two when Brodie was just a fresh peanut, now he’s 6 months old and rocking an awesome mohawk!! Riley is still as entertaining, intelligent and adorable as ever. She colored me some very beautiful pictures including a green and yellow heart, for the Packers of course. When I asked her what she thought about Brett Favre joining the Vikings she said, “Booooo”. Her dad has taught her well! (I must disclose I am in NO WAY a Packers fan!) Mom and dad wanted to get some shots of the kids because these two are meant for modeling…those faces, those eyes, oh and did I mention their long eye lashes?




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3 responses to “Riley + Brodie

  1. pamy ashy

    They have just about the cutest kids EVER!

  2. Lauren

    I agree…beautiful pictures of adorable kids 🙂

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