Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Kelly and I thought it would be fun to get a group of girls together and get some fun shots, we had no idea it would be THIS much fun! I’ve known some of these girls for a very long time, it’s been so fun to watch them grow up into the beautiful women they are today. 3 of the girls are going to Iowa State, which I attended for 3 years and loved it. It’s fun to hear them talk about the places I used to go to and the experiences they are having. These ladies are amazing, inspiring, beautiful and full of laughter. Thanks again ladies for letting us take beautiful pictures of you all! Love you girls! 



Here are 2 of the ladies for today, I’ll put more more tomorrow! For now, meet Sydney and Tora! 🙂 

I have known Sydney since she was just a tiny little one, we grew up in the same neighborhood and I used to babysit her, her brother and her younger sister. I am not surprised that she has grown up to be the wonderful woman that she is today. She is going to Iowa State and is hoping (fingers crossed) to get into the Design Program, which would be an amazing accomplishment. She also has a passion for photography and has been doing it for years! I can’t wait to see what she does with it, because she is a natural! 



Tora, oh Tora! I think I’ve known her almost as long as Sydney, I went to middle school with her brother(s). My first memory of Tora is sitting at Bennett Park watching her brother’s baseball game and hanging out with her, wishing I had a little sister as cool as her! She also goes to Iowa State and is on the dance team there! Check out those eyes! GORGEOUS! 



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2 responses to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun

  1. These pictures are so cute! You’re so talented!!!

  2. So fabulous! Great job — LOVE them!

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