Girls Still Just Want To Have Fun

Miss Sarah… where do I start? I have known Sarah for so many years, I remember going to her soccer games when she was still in elementary school. Now she is going to college for Sign Language and working hard at Houli’s. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by, it’s been so wonderful watching her grow up into the amazing woman she is today! I’m excited to see where life takes her, wherever it is, I know she’ll do great!!



Emily is also a fellow Iowa State(r) and such a nice person! She had to leave a little early but we still managed to get some great pictures of her. Her smile is contagious and she was one of the only girls to get the serious face down without cracking up! That’s a skill 🙂 Thanks again Emily! It was really nice to meet you! 


And just a couple fun pictures of all the girls! Thanks again ladies!!! 


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