50th Wedding Anniversary

She was wearing a white dress that buttoned up the back; he was dressed to the nines in a black suit. They stood together sharing their love for each other in the company of their friends and family…50 years ago.  Last Saturday on the 50th anniversary of their wedding, they stood in the same church with their original bridal party to renew their vows. The beautiful voice of their granddaughter and my friend Jessica filled the church as people gathered to be apart of this wonderful occasion. After the ceremony we all gathered outside to enjoy the weather and a fabulous BBQ with lots of delicious food including these ginormous cupcakes from a bakery in Bloomington. The part that brought a tear to my eye (yes apparently I’m a crier at weddings…) was when Karen and Terry danced to their song ‘Through the Years’ underneath the tent as the sun started to set, while their granddaughter sang and nephew played the piano. I feel so honored to have been included in their day, thank you so much for having me there. Here’s a few of the pictures from the day, there are many more to come!!

Karen & Terry in front of the church just as they did 50 years ago 🙂


Karen, Terry and their daughter Ann


3 Generations of ‘H’ women


My friend Jessica who has the most amazing voice! Need a vocalist for your wedding, she’d be PERFECT!


Don’t you just want to eat them?? Grandma Karen wouldn’t let me leave without taking some home with me, needless to say they didn’t last long 🙂



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