One of my Favorites

Being new to the photography industry, I often look to other photographers and their blogs as inspiration. They are a constant reminder that hard work and enjoying what you do pays off in the images of the families and people you’re photographing. Tara Whitney has become one of my favorite photographers in Orange County, California; I don’t remember how exactly I came across her blog last year but I’ve been addicted to it ever since. To say she’s talented would be an understatement because she’s so much more than that! She just started doing videos with a friend and has posted a few of them on her blog. I came home today after quite the morning and saw she updated her blog with a new video, I anxiously went to her blog and began watching. The video took my breath away and filled my eyes with tears, happy tears 🙂  Take a moment to check out their video and her blog because she is such an inspiration to me that I want to share it with everyone! 

Happy Sunday! 🙂 

Tara’s blog:

Tara’s website: 

Picture 2


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