Jackson – 9 Months

My best friend and god son are home for the next 2 months before they move to Hawaii, aren’t you all jealous? I wish I could stick them in my pocket and keep them here forever, but I’m really excited to go out and visit them when it’s -40 degrees here in Minnesota. I can’t believe how big he’s getting and how much of a personality he’s developed over the last 3 months! Pam and J came over today, so we could play and I just brought my camera out for a little bit to see if I could get some of his signature looks on camera!


This is his newest scrunch face…. ah it’s so cute!


Scrunch #2 🙂


This was his mean stare down… intimidating, I think so!


Scrunch #3, he does it all the time and I laugh every single time! It never gets old!


I love you Jackson Jude, tell Mommy that you want to stay in Minnesota!!! 🙂


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2 responses to “Jackson – 9 Months

  1. Pamy Ashy


  2. Oh my goodness… so stinking cute!!!

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