One thing I love is…

Rescue Ink Unleashed! 🙂

Last night, as I was laying in bed trying to find something to watch I realized the new episode of Rescue Ink was on. I first fell in love with this show when these muscle bound, very intimidating men were on Ellen. You can’t help but be sucked in when these tough New York men are going around saving innocent animals from their abusers, dog fighting, and unsafe homes. It breaks my heart every episode when you see these poor dogs who were mistreated, I still don’t understand how someone could ever do that to an animal. Thankfully these men are there to provide these animals with food, shelter and in the end new safe homes!

Last night’s was particularly disturbing and heartbreaking, I’ll save you the details but if you’re an animal lover please check out their show. It’s so inspiring! If I had the land I would adopt so many dogs, but until then I will continue to support organizations like Rescue Ink! 🙂



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  1. Molly Duepner

    I saw them on Ellen too and thought it was the COOLEST thing! I love the burly sensitive men who intimidate the crap out of the animal abusers 🙂

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