That’s how old he would be today. 21. Seems unreal that so many years have passed without him, but today is one day where we spend time as a family and remember those wonderful 8 years we shared with him. As I sit here trying to think of how to tell you about my brother Tyler, my heart breaks wishing he could be here to tell you himself. I imagine he’d be off at college, going out at midnight to celebrate turning 21… maybe even our brother Jesse would be out with him but of course he wouldn’t want his older sister to be there, because that’s just not cool 🙂

People ask me what I love about photography, it’s moments like this when I can look back at a picture of my brother and be reminded of his kind heart, that lovable face and his unbelievable strength. Happy 21st Birthday Tyler David, we miss you everyday but today we will celebrate you 🙂

*For those who are first coming to my blog, Tyler is my younger brother who lost his battle to cancer when he was 8 years old.



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3 responses to “21

  1. Wendy

    Wow! I love those photos! I cried, and smiled! What a great nephew, and what a lasting impression he made on soooo many hearts! Thanks Ashley for posting this! Love you, Wendy

  2. Thinking of you guys, Ash! Love you!!

  3. Oh Ashley. Your family is so strong. Thinking of you!

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