Bennett is ONE!

It seems like it was just yesterday when we were out in the apple orchard taking pictures of Bennett for his 9 month session, he’s grown up SO much in such a short time. He’s not just walking, he’s RUNNING now. He has lots of little teeth, knows sign language and is just the happiest little man! Here’s his sneak peek from our mini adventure in Minneapolis!

He’s like “What up, I’m cute… can you handle it?” 🙂

With those eyes, I have a feeling B can get away with ANYTHING!

B showing off his dance moves



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3 responses to “Bennett is ONE!

  1. Roz

    I love your comments on this one! He is very cute…great lighting too!!!

  2. The light is great! Was this at their house? Awesome!

    • Ashley J Tyler Photography

      No actually these were taking at the Depot in Minneapolis. We wandered up to the 4th floor with these giant windows!

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