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Nicki and Nick

Love and laughter, they have to be two of the best things in life and when you can find that in someone else.. hold on tight! I think that’s what encompasses Nicki and Nick, I spent our entire engagement shoot laughing. It may have been because I was torturing Nick with photos left and right, but in the end we had a great day. It was one of those unseasonably warm afternoons with a slight breeze, this didn’t even phase Nicki in her gorgeous blue dress and kick butt black boots! You guys rocked it, admit it Nick.. you had a little fun right? I can’t wait for your wedding in less than 3 months, holy cow! 🙂

This is definitely my favorite, I love how he’s holding her 🙂

Representing the Gophers since this is where they got engaged!


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The Playshop

A week ago today I was attending the ever so fabulous Heather Cole’s Playshop in Missouri, a short 7 hour drive from Minneapolis and worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND 🙂 I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Heather for putting together a Playshop like this, she dished her every secret, advice, workflow… you name it, she shared it! Not to mention those addictive Dove chocolates, which I went out and bought more of as soon as I got home. We had an amazing couple to photograph during the afternoon, they bared the FREEZING cold snow/rain/wind for us, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Danyelle and Josh!

When Heather told us we’d be photographing Danyelle and Josh later on in the day, I was ecstatic. I had seen their engagement and wedding photos on Heather’s blog and thought they had to be the most gorgeous couple EVER.  My friend Pam and I had gushed over their engagement photos, extremely jealous of Danyelle and her beautiful eyes, hair, clothes… okay Danyelle we just love you! Here are some of my favorites from our QUICK session, and can you believe all of these were taking either inside Heather’s garage or out in the front yard. Yeah, she’s just that AWESOME. 🙂

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Holly & Tom Engaged

They traveled all the way from Milwaukee to visit their nephew Finn and family this past weekend. Thankfully the weather worked out and we got together to do some engagement pictures. We couldn’t have done it without help from Finn’s mom Lisa, Holly and her scoped out the spots for our shoot and they were perfect! Although I think these two could be photographed anywhere and it wouldn’t matter because the love they have for each other just shines. I’m so looking forward to their wedding in August, thanks again Holly and Tom for coming all the way to Minnesota! I can’t wait to see you both again soon!


Seriously Holly, you are GORGEOUS! 🙂


This last one is just for Tom! If you haven’t been to Uncle Franky’s on Broadway, you most definitely have to!


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Todd & Melissa Engaged!

Finally this past weekend the weather really felt like a Minnesota fall day, I got lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Todd, Melissa and their adorable puppy Gracie! We made our way all around Minneapolis, a little Stone Arch, Nicollet Island, Guthrie and all over downtown! It was my kind of session 🙂 Todd’s mom is quite the photographer, so he was full of amazing ideas which is always fun! Here are just a few 🙂


Seriously, is she not adorable? She posed like that all on her own, what a natural!



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