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Audrey and Tamara’s Workshop

My winter has been filled with workshops, learning all that I can to better my photographs and business. I still have one more to attend this May here in Minneapolis, The Secret Workshop with Cheryl Muhr, I’m so excited! Anyhoooo, when I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to a workshop put on by Audrey Woulard and Tamara Lackey. There were about 30 of us, we split up and half of us shot with Audrey and then switched to shoot with Tamara. They are both WONDERFUL teachers and I learned a lot! Here are a few pictures of the sweet kiddos we got to photograph, thanks again to Audrey and Tamara for their time and knowledge!

Audrey in action with the kids!


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As I was uploading these images, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Kayli is just the cutest 17 month old around, full of smiles and energy! Her mama is one of my best friends and I’ve been dying to get my camera in front of their family! 🙂 Here is the long awaited sneak peek for Katie and Chris, thanks again for letting me take pictures of your beautiful family!

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Happy Birthday Jackson!

1 year, 365 days, 52 weeks…. no matter how you say it, it’s gone by fast! I remember the text I got as soon as he arrived “Jackson Jude Stephens was born…” with all the details to follow! I was so excited, I stayed up until he was born and finally rested for a few hours. I made my way back to the hospital to meet the newest member of the Stephens family. There was a feeling in the room as you walked in…joy, relief, pure happiness. When I walked in I took one look at J turned to Pam and said “No bananas here.” (Banana was our code word for ugly baby, which she feared she would have, crazy girl). As you can see there are no bananas on this post! Jackson has grown up to be one of the cutest (yes I am extremely biased) boys ever! He’s walking, but prefer to crawl because he’s speedy as can be, love his mama and dada to pieces and chats up a storm! I miss them now that they live in Virginia but I’m so glad I got to spend the last 3 months with them, watching J grow up into quite the young man. Happy 1st Birthday Monkey! I love you so very much!


Before they headed back to Virginia, we had a 1st birthday party at Glamma and Cookie’s to spoil him with cake and presents. He looked adorable, of course! Here are just a couple from the night 🙂



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Fearless. Funny. Full of energy. All those things encompass Myles, he’s an amazing 5 year old boy! On another blustery day in Minnesota, we met up to play at the park for a little, climb some trees and chase goose through a minefield of goose poop (yuck!). Thanks guys for baring the cold weather, Myles you rock 🙂


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Jackson + Pumpkins

Last week before all the pumpkins were gone, Pam took J to pick out his first pumpkin! I got to tag along to take some pictures and well just because 🙂 In about 12 days Jackson will be turning 1 and I still can’t believe it! This past year has gone by extremely fast, but I’ll talk about that more when his birthday happens! For today, check out some adorable pictures of Jackson and his first pumpkins experience! Oh by the way, did I mention he’s walking?!?!


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Bennett – 9 Months

You may remember Bennett from his 3 month and 6 month sessions, well now he’s 9 months old… AND he’s started to walk! Can you believe it? This little man is just ahead of the game and gets more adorable each time I see him! We ventured out to the Minnetonka Orchard in Minnetrista and it was so awesome, I’m thinking next fall I may have to do some mini-sessions out there! 🙂 Here’s Bennett’s sneak peek, enjoy his cuteness!!


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Ellyah, Ashley and Charlie

I don’t think I say this enough, but I am seriously so lucky to photograph such good lookin’ people! 🙂 Welcome Ellyah, Ashley and Charlie to the blog! They came out and bared the cold weather for some great family pictures! We made our way to Excelsior and wandered around to find some great spots, Ellyah helped with our photo taking locations! She was a great helper! Thanks again for coming out, I had so much fun with you all!



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