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A little more

I won’t lie I couldn’t get enough of Miss K, so I had to put a few more pictures up. She’s just too cute for words and I know her mom and grandma will love to see these pictures!


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Girlies, Horses and Kitties… Oh My!

When people say that being a photographer is the best job in the world, I have to agree! Although I’m just beginning, I’ve been having so much fun! It sure helps when you have such great friends to let you come over and take pictures of their adorable kids! The other day I met up with M and her daughter K out on 10 beautiful acres of land in Chanhassen that I had no idea even existed in the suburbs! K’s grandparents have 21 horses, 2 dogs and 4 kitties… I haven’t seen anything like that in Minnesota! I wanted to give M a little glimpse of the afternoon! Thanks again for letting me take pictures of K, she was so much fun! Hope to see you soon!!!

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Sibling love

A couple of weekends ago I made a trip down to Prior Lake to take some pictures of 2 great kids! A is an incredible gymnast and D is quite the wrestler, I wouldn’t want to mess with him. I met the N family when my dad did his 100 mile bike ride for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society back in May! They took me on a little adventure in the woods which I haven’t done in YEARS, I forgot how much fun it is! Here’s a little sneak at our afternoon, enjoy!

Family picture with the dog, who is so lovable!

Look mom, they are almost holding hands!!! They do love each other 🙂

Thanks A & D for a fun afternoon, you guys are great!

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The O Family

Not only was today a beautiful day in Minnesota, it felt like summer BUT I got to hang out with a wonderful family. The O Family with lil man G and gorgeous M were so great! I honestly could not have asked for better models 🙂
I just wanted to put a couple up here of the session from today. As soon as I got home I had to upload them and get going, I could not help it!

She’s the happiest baby girl I have ever been around! Miss M is the perfect baby and going to melt some boy’s heart some day with those big brown eyes of hers!

We got lucky with the weather today, so we had to have a little fun with a pile of leaves! This little man made me laugh the whole time and he’s a speed racer on his bike! I could barely keep up!

One of my favorite Mother-Son moments, there are so many to choose from so I better get back to it but I wanted to get a few on here!

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Beautiful Minnesota Afternoon

So last week, C & E didn’t have school due to MEA, so we had the opportunity to do some fall activities. Of course we decided to do them all in one day, it was quite the adventure. We made the trip to the Minnesota Harvest out in Jordan, and it was the perfect day to do it! We may have accidentally picked apples from trees we weren’t suppose to (oops!) but we still had a blast! The girls wanted to bake something with the apples that we got, so I decided to “try” to make an apple crisp! Surprisingly enough I did it, and it didn’t make anybody sick!!! It actually turned out REALLY good, might be making that for Thanksgiving this year!

We decided to finish off our day with a little pumpkin patch and carving. This year we got the pumpkins early enough, so they were actually the good ones! I, of course, ended up carving 2 1/2 pumpkins they turned out pretty good! I always forget how long it takes to carve pumpkins, I’m sure I’ll forget that next year when the time comes!

Here are some of the pictures from our fall afternoon… Enjoy!

I made the girls pose under this beautiful tree in their neighbors yard. They thought the people living there were going to come out and yell at us for taking a picture. C was not having it, she ran back to the car once I got a picture. I can’t help it, it’s a beautiful tree!

This picture is totally them… sisterly love.. 🙂

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A New Beginning

It’s only taken me a few years, which feels like a lifetime, to decide what I want to do!!! This is my official blog as a newbie photographer. I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honor of working with my friend Emily, who has her own photography business here in Eden Prairie. It’s only been a few months with her but she’s helped me to realize that this is something I want to pursue and I can! I’ve been lucky enough to nanny for 2 little girls who have been my models for the last 2 years, so they have given me lots of practice. But that is never enough, I’m currently looking for families and/or children who would be willing to do a mini session with me. The session would be free of charge and all the final prints would be available at a discounted rate.

I am lucky enough to have some great friends to use as models for a variety of shoots. One of my oldest friends P, who I’ve known since we were 12 years old, is pregnant with her first child. I had the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot with her last week. Here’s a little peek at what we did on a windy day in Minnesota. Hope you love them P, I can not wait til baby boy is here! Love you both!

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